Before you can start making stunning patterns, you have to first learn how to solve a cube. Here is a simple seven step Solution guide to help you do so. Each step involves a sequence of quarter turns, called algorithms. An example of a Simple algorithm isR'UF'U'. Every face of the cube is assigned to a letter (see bellow). To solve the cube just follow the sequence of letters in an algorithm and turn each face accordingly. It is important to image that you are looking at the side you want to turn so you get the direction correct. You may also have to repeat each algorithm more than once to finish a step. The colors on the diagrams are examples of different situation. You will have to turn the whole cube and use a different starting face for some of the steps so you can get every piece in it place.

Turn clockwise
F - Front
R - Right Face
L - Left Face
U – Upper (top) Face
B – Back Face
D – Down (Bottom) Face
example Turn Counterclockwise
F' - Front
R' - Right Face
L' - Left Face
U' – Upper (top) Face
B' – Back Face
D' – Down (Bottom) Face

Step One

The first step is to solve a cross. In this example we are going to start with the green side. you can use what ever side you would like but it is easier to follow if you use the same colors as the examples. Just line up the different edges to mach their centers (hint: the centers do not change positions). For this step you are pretty much are your own. If you do get a piece in the right spot but needs to be fliped you can use the following alogorythm.


Step Two

In this step we want to complete the one side by solving the corners. To complete this step find a corner in the bottom layer that belongs in the top, line that piece up just below where you want it to go, then preform the algorithm. If the piece is already in the top layer but is in the wrong place or flipped you can do the algorithm once to get it out then solve like you normally would. You may have to do the algorithm up to five time for each piece to finish this step.


Step Three

For the third step we are going to solve the middle edges. Fist we need to flip the cube over so the green side is now the bottom. Find an edge that you would like to place and match one of the colors to the center. Depending if the piece is on the front or right side of the cube do one of the corresponding algorithms.

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