Step Four

You should now be able to match your cube to one of the pictures below. You may have more blue showing that is not in the picture. All you now have to do is complete the algorithm. If you are starting with the one dot in the middle you will have to do the algorithm 3 times.


Step Five

So now you should have a cross on the top of the cube but most likely the edges of the cross are not lined up. so in this step we are going to match the edges of the cross with the other sides of the cube.


Step Six

You are getting close to the end. In this step you want to get all the corners in the right spot but not necessary in the the right orientation. Find one corner that is in the right spot and use it as the starting edge then do the algorithm until all the corners are in the right place. If there is not a corner in the right spot just pick a corner and do the algorithm one then find a corner that is in the right place.


Step Seven

Yeah you made it to the last step. All we have to do now is flip the corners so they are in the right orientation. This step is a little tricky though, you have to make sure you never turn the whole cube and just turn the top layer to the corner you want to work on. When you find a corner that needs to be flipped just complete the algorithm either once or twice depending on the orientation.


You should now have a completed cube. Keep on trying to solve the cube a few times until You feel you have hang of it, then move on and try some of the amazing patterns. You may also want to play around a bit to find little tricks to improve your time it takes to solve a cube.

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